Annie Onyi-Cheung

Annie Onyi Cheung makes performances, videos, and multimedia art objects and installations. She was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto. She studied at the University of Toronto and NSCAD University. She currently practices and teaches in Halifax, where she’s lived since 2012.


Onyi-Cheung is an emerging artist from Canada.

Generally looking to collaborate with professionals from disciplines: Gaming, Medicine, Psychology/Mental Health, Electronic Arts, Engineering


Vanessa Bartlett

Vanessa Bartlett is a researcher and curator working between Australia and the UK. She is in the process of completing a PhD at UNSW Art & Design, where her research investigates connections between digital technologies and psychological distress through reflective curatorial practice. Bartlett's recent curatorial project Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age was co-curated with Mike Stubbs for FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) Liverpool, UK in 2015. This exhibition was visited by over 13,000 people and received coverage in international media outlets such as the BBC World Service. A second iteration of Group Therapy is currently under development for UNSW Galleries, Sydney. Vanessa’s recent academic writing has been published by Bloomsbury Methuen, Taylor & Francis and in the proceedings of ISEA: International Symposium on Electronic Art in 2015 and 2017. Bartlett has given talks and lectures at prestigious UK venues including Tate, Arnolfini, The V&A and The Science Museum. She has edited two academic books for Liverpool University Press.


Bartlett is an established arts professional based in Australia and the UK.

Generally looking to collaborate with professionals from disciplines: Psychology, science, media art, and curating.


Julie Hollenbach

Julie Hollenbach is an artist, writer, curator, and educator based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada). Her cultural work employs a queer feminist methodology. Hollembach's research and artistic production explores domesticity and feminine creative cultures, as well as the impact of neoliberalism on popular rhetorics of wellness.

Hollenbach is an emerging arts professional based in Canada. 

Generally looking to collaborate with professionals from disciplines: academia; curatorial practice; feminist art practice; queer art practice; and decolonial art practice.


Gema Grueso

Gema Grueso is a new media conservator, trained in conservation and restoration of works of art and with an MA in conservation of contemporary art. Grueso has four years experience in installation, maintenance and production of media installations, providing advice about materials, devices, documentation, installation instructions, maintenance protocols, packing, transport and long term preservation strategies.


Grueso is an established arts professional with a business based in Spain.

Generally looking to collaborate with professionals from disciplines: Video, film, sound, new media, networked art, installation, performance, and public art.


Emilie Reed

Emily Reed is an emerging curator, art historian and writer from the United States but currently based in Scotland. Her primary interest is investigating how art institutions are displaying and contextualizing videogame-based works, as well as developing exhibitions that expand perspectives beyond the well-trodden commercial timeline of the form. However, Reed also has experience with researching and discussing conceptual art, internet art, fluxus and performance.

Company/Organization: Abertay University

Website (optional):

Reed is an emerging arts professional based in the United Kingdom. 

Generally looking to collaborate with professionals from disciplines: Gaming, museology, writing, curatorial, and electronic arts.


Linda Campbell

(Dr.) Linda Campbell is a professor who holds a Senior Research Fellow at Saint Mary's University in Halifax. Linda is particularly interested in aquatic ecosystems and water resources. Right now, Linda and her research group are studying how pollution can move through ecosystems and accumulate in different types of animals and plants. In Nova Scotia, Linda has three exciting projects on the go: (1) how non-native fish and snail species impact freshwater lakes; (2) the pattern of mercury contamination in flying bats across eastern Canada; and (3) impacts of legacy gold mine tailings from 100 years ago on modern freshwater ecosystems.

Organization: Saint Mary's University


Campbell is an emerging professional based in Canada.

Generally looking to collaborate with professionals from disciplines: Environmental, Biological, and Ecological art


Laura Simpson

Laura Simpson is interested in artist development, residency programs, writing, commissioning and exhibition making in visual art and performance. She also has a particular interest in artists’ moving image. From an art practice background, she has worked in artists initiatives, a university gallery, with public engagement projects and is currently working on an international residency program in a semi rural area on the east coast of Scotland.


Foundation: Hospitalfield

Simpson is an established based in Scotland

Generally looking to collaborate with professionals from disciplines: visual art, artists moving image, research, curatorial, writing, audio/sound art, residency exchanges, artist development