María Luján Oulton

María Luján Oulton is a cultural producer specialized in video games, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is the co-founder of Objeto A, an Art Gallery that evolved into a new media arts agency focused on fostering collaborations between artists, engineers and scientists. Luján is also the founder/Director of "Game on! El arte en juego", an art games and playful media exhibition that has been running since 2009. She is currently working on her Master’s thesis on video games curation. She is frequently invited to give talks on ludic culture and the emergence of video games within the art world.


Lujan Oulton is an emerging arts professional based in Argentina.

Generally looking to collaborate with professionals from disciplines: Gaming, museology, writing, curatorial, electronic arts.

Emilie Reed

Emily Reed is an emerging curator, art historian and writer from the United States but currently based in Scotland. Her primary interest is investigating how art institutions are displaying and contextualizing videogame-based works, as well as developing exhibitions that expand perspectives beyond the well-trodden commercial timeline of the form. However, Reed also has experience with researching and discussing conceptual art, internet art, fluxus and performance.

Company/Organization: Abertay University

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Reed is an emerging arts professional based in the United Kingdom. 

Generally looking to collaborate with professionals from disciplines: Gaming, museology, writing, curatorial, and electronic arts.


Jenny Goldstick

Jenny Goldstick is a Brooklyn-based artist, designer, and educator. She is the creator of the acclaimed interactive graphic memoir, This is My Memory of First Heartbreak, Which I Can’t Quite Piece Back Together. In addition to creating information graphics for a wide variety of clients, including Penguin Books, the NYC Mayor’s office, and the Environmental Defense Fund, she is an MFA instructor at School of Visual Arts. In her spare time, Jenny is a hackathon enthusiast with an affinity for interdisciplinary collaboration.


Goldstick is an emerging arts professional based in the United States. 

Generally looking to collaborate with professionals from disciplines: Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Audio/Sound Art, Dance, Performance Art, Projection Work, STEM Fields, Video/Film, Virtual Reality, Web-based, Web Development, and Writing.