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IOTA is undertaking a structural change that will better reflect an interactive online space, new services to artists, and exciting announcements in early 2018. 

IOTA continues to be a producer of contemporary cross-disciplinary art discourse focusing on art forms that are based in technology, social interventions, and science.

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Launching - This Is a Picture of Wind, web-work by J.R. Carpenter

Announcing - The first IOTA: STUDIOS artist 

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May-June 2017: Second edition of IOTA: Gallery Pop Up

Announcing the Micro Event:

IOTA: Gallery Pop Up (Deux)

After the successful 2015 Micro-Event IOTA: Gallery Pop Up (Un), a pop up gallery that featured fourteen Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick contemporary artists, and two Halifax commercial art galleries for an online sale and pop-up sale event, IOTA Institute has decided to conduct a second event titled IOTA: Gallery Pop Up (Deux)

The works of twelve new artists who work in various disciplines such as printmaking, bioart, collage, painting, text-based, video, photography and sculpture will be available for pre-purchase through the IOTA website HERE. All artists will be featured for an interview as part of the Six Questions series, released every few days starting the first week of May 2017 leading up to the pop up event: June 17th, 2017 at the Anna Leonowens Art Bar + Projects.

IOTA: Gallery Pop Up (Deux) artists: Alisa Arsenault, Rémi Belliveau , Angela Glanzmann, WhiteFeather Hunter, Anne MacMillan, James MacSwain, Annie Onyi Cheung, William Robinson, Lou Sheppard, and Terri Whetstone with others to be announced.

Featured galleries:

HERMES: presenting artist TBA
Studio 21: presenting artists TBA

IOTA: DATA presents the commission The Wide Sky by Liz Solo


IOTA Institute has taken on a commissioning project inviting artists J.R. Carpenter (UK), Jennifer Chan (Ontario), and Liz Solo (Newfoundland) to produce new web-projects.

Liz Solo’s “The Wide Sky” is a web-based story based on the fragmented memories of a scientist desperately trying to save the world, users may view the story in linear time or opt for the interactive timeline and be presented with a choice at the end of every video, generating alternative outcomes. Visitors will be able to customize their avatar as characters from the story, interact with props and experience the video narrative via screens inside each digital space.

Follow the project progress on Twitter @IOTAinstitute #thewidesky #IOTADATA

IOTA Institute project page:

IOTA: DATA presents the commission Important Men - Jennifer Chan


IOTA Institute has taken on a commissioning project inviting artists J.R. Carpenter (UK), Jennifer Chan (Ontario), and Liz Solo (Newfoundland) to produce new web-projects.

Jennifer Chan’s “Important Men” looks like a lifestyle website and modeling portfolio. Chan was inspired by various popular, online initiatives to reform "toxic masculinity" and sought to create her own oeuvre of male portraiture, drawing from the important masculine influences in her life. Profiled are her current life partner, father, closest friends from different periods of her life, ex-lover and an acquaintance by which she is deeply inspired, all as idealized stock objects.


Follow the project progress on Twitter @IOTAinstitute #importantmen #IOTADATA

IOTA Institute project page:


IOTA: DATA presents the commission ‘This is a Picture of Wind’ by J.R. Carpenter

IOTA Institute has taken on a commissioning project inviting artists J.R. Carpenter (UK), Jennifer Chan (Ontario), and Liz Solo (Newfoundland) to produce new web-projects.

J.R. Carpenter’s “This is A Picture of Wind” will expand upon a short text written in response to the storms which battered South West England in early 2014. She will look at the paradox presented by wind: how difficult it is to evoke through the materiality of language a force we can only see through its affect. This work will aim to address climate change by picturing through language and data the vast absences left by wind’s wake.

Follow the project progress on Twitter @IOTAinstitute #thisisapictureofwind #IOTADATA

IOTA Institute project page:



Three New IOTA: DATA Commissions

IOTA Institute is pleased to announce a commissioning project inviting three Canadian media artists through the IOTA: DATA wing.  Canadian artists J.R. Carpenter (UK), Jennifer Chan (Toronto), and Liz Solo (St. John’s) will produce new web-projects in the genres of Digital Literature, Post-Internet, and Machinima respectively. Stay tuned for more commission project details, artist profiles, and how to follow. This commission is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Image Caption (top to bottom): J. R. Carpenter, There he was, gone., web-based project, 2012; Jennifer Chan, White or Not, website, 2015; Liz Solo, The Machine, film, 2016

Final Art Out Loud Interview and upcoming interview download


In 2015, IOTA and Off The Leash Productions were co-artistic directors for the 2015 Creative Nova Scotia Awards Gala featuring The Prix Grand Pré, Established Artist Recognition Awards, Community Arts and Culture Recognition Award, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Award, and the Portia White Award. Over twenty talented artists were invited to participate in and honour the evening’s event, offering collaborative artistic expression that shows the diversity of artistic vocation in the province; visual, media, performance, light and sound designer, craft and installation were included to perform and present their work throughout the evening adding to the vigor of the thematic, emphasizing that Art is Out Loud. Interviews with participating artists were released every few days leading up to the Awards and can be found HERE

The final Art Out Loud interview conducted with the five artist creators who wrote and performed the awards ceremony can be found:

Art Out Loud - The Cast (Des Adams, Lukas Pearse, Arianne Pollet-Brannen, Leigh Ann Vardy, and Lydia Zimmer)

The Six Questions, Edition 2, consisting of photographs from the event as well as the full interview compilation will be available for download in IOTA Downloads,

New catalogue and Image gallery

New (im)mobile German translated E-catalogue can now be downloaded in PDF form. The catalogue features images of new works commissioned by the project and a new forward by Haus fur Kunst Director Barbara Zurcher. 

Also new to this website is the Haus fur Kunst Uri image gallery from the exhibit. View them HERE.

IOTA goes to Switzerland.

IOTA is leaving for Switzerland this weekend to attend the opening for (im)mobile, an exhibition of the work of Germaine Koh and Edith Fluckiger. 

The show was premiered in Halifax in 2014 at the Dalhousie art gallery and was co-curated by Chantal Molleur and Mireille Bourgeois. IOTA Institute was able to partner with WHITE FRAME and Haus Fur Kunst and has supported the Canadian travel of the exhibition through a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

We are very much looking forward to seeing the exhibition at the Haus Fur Kunst in Uri. Please join us if you're nearby! More information on the original exhibition HERE.

Join the exhibition's Facebook Page here:

Art Out Loud to Feature Nova Scotia filmmakers

Ruby Boutilier, Heavy Metal Night At Gus' Pub, 2013, video still

Ruby Boutilier, Heavy Metal Night At Gus' Pub, 2013, video still

The Artistic Directors of the Creative NS Arts Awards are pleased to include film in the event because among other reasons: ‪#‎nsfilmjobs‬. Check out the awesome filmmakers who will be featured not only during the Awards Gala presentations, but also check out the Halifax Library film program the Leadership Council have put together for Saturday afternoon:

More information about attending the November 7th event here: 

Ruby Boutilier, Heavy Metal Night At Gus’ Pub (2013)
A part of AFCOOP’s filmed poetry series, Heavy Metal Night at Gus’ Pub celebrates the seedy underground of the Halifax music scene by slowing headbanging and guttural shrieks to a dull but powerful roar. Boutilier interprets Sue Goyette’s poem by the same title, giving voice to the outsider and the observer. 

A filmmaker and devoted member of the Atlantic Filmmakers' Cooperative, Ruby Boutilier has served as a camera technician with IATSE 667, and as a faculty member in NSCC's Screen Arts Program. While her days have shifted away from Industry work, she has now placed her focus on making her own films and participating in collaborative film projects.

Jan Peacock, Pie Y Café (1984)
In 1984, writer, critic, and artist Lucy Lippard initiated a protest against the US Interference in El Salvador, reaching out to artists to form organizing groups around the International Day of Solidarity with the People of El Salvador. As part of the Halifax group coordinated by Bruce Barber, Jan Peacock and collaborators worked swiftly to conceive of, shoot, and edit the agitprop sketch Pie Y Café.

Jan Peacock is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, teacher, and curator currently residing in Halifax. Across a body of work that spans over thirty years, Peacock maintains meticulous attention to the layering of text and subtext, creating associations between fractured elements and challenging perceptions of the familiar. 

Raghed Charabaty, Alia (2015)
Both melancholic and vibrant, Raghed Charabaty’s film Alia uses storytelling to communicate loss by focusing on ruptures in patterns of everyday life. Often referenced in Lebanese folk songs, the figure of Alia has come to represent peace, yearning, and cultural loss for generations haunted by the memories of civil war. 

Born and raised in Mount Lebanon, Charabaty currently attends NSCAD University where he is completing a BFA in Film Production with a minor in Art History. Earning him the 2015 Starfish Student Art Award, Alia has been shown on both international as well as local stages. Charabaty is currently working towards completing his thesis film.

Beck Gilmer-Osbornebody Slide (2015)
In Body Slide--originally a part of an installation for Toronto’s NUIT ROSE--Beck Gilmer-Osborne uses rigorous athletic practice as a tool to expose and dismantle the confines of the gender binary. By testing the body’s physical ability and strength, they explore how training occurs both in sport and in the performance of gender.

Gilmer-Osborne is a non-binary trans* interdisciplinary artist currently working in Toronto. Their work focuses on tensions, absences, and power in relation to transgender identities by exploring and interrogating the potentials of trans* embodiment.