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Art Out Loud - Creative Nova Scotia Arts Awards

Artistic Directors IOTA and Off The Leash will help honour the 2015 Creative Nova Scotia Awards Gala featuring The Prix Grand Pré, Established Artist Recognition Awards, Community Arts and Culture Recognition Award, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Award, and the Portia White Award. Over twenty talented artists have been invited to participate in the evening’s event, offering collaborative artistic expression that shows the diversity of artistic vocation in the province; visual, media, performance, light and sound designer, craft and installation have all been included to perform and present their work throughout the evening adding to the vigor of the thematic, emphasizing that Art is Out Loud. Interviews with participating artists will be released every few days leading up to the Awards.

Art Out Loud - Mollie Cronin and Amanda Shore, Co-Curators, Film and Video program

Art Out Loud - Annie Onyi Cheung, Artist, Staircase Video Projection

Art Out Loud - James MacSwain, Mentor, Film and Video program

Art Out Loud - Hannah Levin McGrath - Artist, Durational Performance

Art Out Loud - Sara Roth, Curator, Pop-Up Craft Gallery

Art Out Loud - Susan Hanrahan, Mentor, Pop-Up Craft Exhibition

Art Out Loud - The Cast (Des Adams, Lukas Pearse, Arianne Pollet-Brannen, Leigh Ann Vardy, and Lydia Zimmer) 

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