IOTA is an institute inaugurated in 2015. In addition to its three major components: BETA, DATA, and INTRA, IOTA was created to address the facilitation needs of large-scale art projects that go beyond art organizations’ capacity. Projects such as the coordination of traveling exhibitions, research and publishing, extended residencies for artists, writers and curators, building cross-sector partnerships for the purpose of research and residencies, strategic planning, extensive public performances needing particular technology, artist and research commissions, and fostering positive partnerships with municipalities and provincial sectors.


Mireille Bourgeois   -   Artistic Director

Over the last ten years, Mireille Bourgeois has independently curated and contributed to programs internationally and throughout Canada, as well as published critical writing for Visual Arts News, Creative Times Press, C-Magazine, and the Canadian Film Institute. Her research explores themes on synesthesia, nonsense, the sublime and stupidity, with research currently underway in the field of BioArt. Bourgeois has travelled through England, Ireland, and Germany for independent research and curatorial scouting (2006-2009), took part in an Embassy of France funded media arts research trip to Marseille, Nantes, Paris, Metz (2010), and was accepted into the HospitalField Arts residency program (2014) in Dundee, Scotland. She has travelled to the Industrial Design Centre at the Indian Institute of Technology, the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, and KHOJ International in Mumbai and Pune, India (2015) to present current research, and has also travelled through South Australia and Tasmania (2015), spending time at SymbioticA (Perth) for early research in Bio-Art. https://mireillebourgeois.wordpress.com


IOTA members are invited to join for the duration of their involvement in any of the major wings of IOTA. The only exclusion to this rule are participants of IOTA Micro-events.